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SI Net Global Inc. is a managed service provider, providing information technology systems integration services and product and service support to small, mid-range and enterprise companies. With our vast knowledge and experience of industry standards and best practices. We incorporate all areas of technology, electronics, computer hardware infrastructure, business supporting software, communications and systems security.

With a the growing importance of technology, communications, big data and security though technologies such as (IoT, Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, Robotics) Technology is an important part of business that, companies today rely on it for business continuity. As companies grow so does their data and naturally their environment and it becomes crucial to their success.

SI Net Global Inc. is dynamic, innovative and adaptive, heavily integrated in research and development for a growing technology.

Our customers, are usual from financial and health care industry, however we have worked within the construction and Defense industry as well, usually our customers are as dynamic as our team, as our goal is to add value to every experience, we look forward to working with you, please take some time and view our service to see how we can help you.