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SI Net Global Inc. is a managed service provider, providing information technology systems integration services and product and service support to small, mid-range and enterprise companies.

With our vast knowledge and experience of industry standards and best practices. We incorporate all areas of technology, electronics, computer hardware infrastructure, business supporting software, communications and systems security.

With the growing importance of technology, communications, big data and security though technologies such as (IoT, Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, Robotics), technology has become an important part of business and, companies today rely on it for business continuity.

As companies grow so does their data and naturally their environment and it becomes crucial to their success.

SI Net Global Inc. is dynamic, innovative and adaptive, and heavily integrated in research and development for a growing technology. Our customers, are usual from financial and health care industry, however we have worked within the construction and Defense industry as well, usually our customers are as dynamic as our team.

Our goal is to add value to every experience, we look forward to working with you, please take some time and view our services to see how we can help you.


We are a group of experts and innovators in managed services spanning across areas in technology

We are working on solutions and developing case studies and Proofs of concepts for /of integration of new technologies that have been developed. We perform extensive research on best practices reviews to ensure that your implementation is error free and fully functional before implementation.

Solution & technology integration is the core of our business principle and competence. We believe technology and innovation solves many problems and solving problems is what we do. We delivers services that suit everyone. Please take some time and see how we can help you.

 SI NET has partnered with Helpsystems who are the leaders in IBMi Security solutions, for more information (Contact us). We also work in partnership with Bridgeworks, pioneers in the networking area their non-appliance software product practically eliminates network latency. For details on these and other products Check out our (partner products page). We are proud partners of SEVEN experts in custom application development with a proven record of successful projects. We are also members of VMware Partner Network, Lenovo Partner Network, Veem backup solutions, and AlienVault solutions. 

  • Technical solutions lead: Implementation of ATM Rebranding for Victoria Mutual Building Society Bank
  • SAN Installation and configuration (FGB, DBS, Jamaica Stock Exchange, JDF, Grace Kennedy Ltd) (2016)
  • Data migration (CBA Aruba) (2016)
  • Full system Infrastructure Integration Project at Miami International airport (2016)
  • IBM Award as:
  • 2015 Manager choice award
  • 2015 IBM values award
  • 2014 Managers choice award
  • 2012 Recognition for Exemplary and Outstanding Work in VMware Implementation at Jamaica Stock Exchange, NHT and remote assistance to IBM Barbados – Generally fine execution in 2012 (5/2/3013)
  • Appreciation for Outstanding performance, dedication and drive – NCB TSM and VMware Implementation (2/11/2010)
  • General Manager’s Award for 2010 – as a part of The Winning NCB Value Team (10/2/2011)
  • 2010 (4th) Quarter Recognition for persistence, dedication and teamwork – Planning, implementing NCB Blade Centre, Tape Drive, SAN and network upgrades. (9/2/2011)

Our Vision

Integration through technology. Perfection of all projects though research and best practices to ensure that your implementation is error free and fully functional before production.

Our Mission

Excellent Services and support through professional, ethical and personal responsibility for each customers success.

The Roadmap

Seek to improve the world for the benefit of everyone, by providing cutting edge technology that will change the and significantly improve our planet.

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Visit Our Office

1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103